Tuesday, December 24, 2013

God jul!

Christmas Eve! and we're all relaxing as a family in anticipation of our traditional Christmas dinner before we open presents. Well, almost everyone is relaxing: my dad had to run to the store to fetch anchovy fillets after he learned that he can't fillet them himself. (I decided not to say, "I told you so.") My sister Claire is here for the holidays, so the apartment is pleasantly full.

Have to say, I'm loving Christmas break. 

Friday was our last day of fall term. We technically had class up 'til lunch, but when I arrived at school for math, I found it was only for the HL students, and so spent a lovely hour writing limericks for my family's Christmas presents. After Swedish julbord for lunch, we had our "julavslutning", which wasn't especially exciting. This is the second year that it's part of a school webshow with daily episodes that air from December 1 to 25. Now that our ending celebrations are connected with the show, it's very impersonal and at times unbearably awkward. Of course, I've ceased being surprised after two and a half years at this school.

After school ended, I spent the afternoon with some girlfriends, finally opening our Secret Santa gifts (after much, much thoughtful preparation so that they remained mysteries), and watching The Holiday, which I had never seen (and loved!). 

Break so far has involved lots of resting and reading. Sunday, I went to the first service at New Life with my sister, and then joined my parents at their church plant, Fridhemskyrkan, in the afternoon. Yesterday, I went to the Christmas markets downtown, including one at the central train station, which is decked out in decorations galore. Last night, we watched The Great Gatsby, and I absolutely loved it. 

Tonight, we open presents, and tomorrow, we have our traditional Christmas Day dinner with our colleagues. We're eating French raclette, and man is it going to be delicious! I'm rushing to finish Rick Riordan's House of Hades so I can return it to our colleagues' youngest son. 160 pages to go!

I can't guarantee another entry while the holiday season lasts, so merry Christmas, and a happy new year to you readers out there! 

God bless.


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